Caring for a loved one with challenges resulting from illness, disability or aging?

Juggling a paid job while caregiving?

Or looking to find a new job after caregiving?

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Your voice matters to us. Learnings will inform development of Caregivers’ Alberta’s Work and Care program to better support caregivers who are juggling care work and paid work, and advocate to employers on their behalf. Learnings will also contribute to the further development of MatchWork’s cloud-based employment supports platform to ensure it meets the needs of working caregivers.

Read more about how this  Alberta partnership aims to help unpaid caregivers find flexible jobs.

Caregivers Matter

Did you know that nearly 33,000 caregivers in Alberta left the labour force in 2012 because of their caregiving?

Did you know that caregivers in Alberta worked 36 million fewer hours for pay because of their caregiving? 

About the University of Alberta's Research on Aging, Policies, and Practice (RAPP) and this project

Enhancing employability of older workers and caregivers through technology solutions

With funding from AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network (2020-2023), we are:

Deepening our understanding of employment barriers experienced by family caregivers and older workers

Contributing to the development of MatchWork, a cloud-based platform that empowers employment service agencies helping hard-to-employ people by ensuring it meets the needs of job seekers such as older workers and family caregivers

Extending MatchWork’s reach beyond Alberta’s borders.

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How your Work Profile helps you

If you have been struggling to determine what meaningful work looks like for you, your MatchWork Profile may help point you in the right direction.

Your profile helps you identify:

What drives you to work

What you are great at and enjoy doing 

What your ideal work context is 

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